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    Log in

  • In order to log in, you need to create an IRIS account
    (Agree to terms and condition, enter your personal information, account has been created)

    ※ Internal members: IBS employees are recommended to register with their IBS email account.

    ※ External members: As all information on equipment use will be sent to the email address provided,
    please enter the most frequently used email address.

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  • Search for equipment on the main page
    Use the search bar on the main page or click the tab Research Equipment at the top, select
    HQ Centers, Campurs Centers of Research Solutions Center on the left, select the equipment.
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  • Make a reservation request after selecting the date, time, number of samples and so on

    ※ For detailed reservation information, please contact the staff in charge of the equipment.

    ※ If the reserved time is not enough to perform the request, your reservation request may be denied or the date and/or time may change.

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  • Internal members: After pressing OK in the confirmation window, the reservation request is approved
    External members: After the staff in charge of the equipment checks the reservation information,the
    request may be approved or denied.
  • 05


  • Use the equipment.

    ※ If a problem occurs, such as equipment breakdown, the staff in charge of the equipment will inform you of the problem
    via email.

    For an analysis request, please send sample(s) before the reserved date. If observation is needed,
    you are required to visit the location for the analysis according to the reserved date and time.
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  • You can download or print the results of equipment use by going to My IRIS, and then Usage History.

    ※ Please contact the staff in charge of the equipment or the Experimental Infrastructure Team concerning equipment user fees.