Article 1. Purpose

① These Terms and Conditions are to set forth matters related to rights, responsibilities and duties of users and the Institute of Basic Science (hereinafter referred to as “IBS”) to utilize services (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by the IRIS website, (, (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) which is operated by IBS.

② All rights, responsibilities and duties of users and IBS that are not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions follow the Telecommunications Business Act, relevant national acts and business customs.

Article 2. Definitions

1. “User” means the person who accesses the Site and utilizes the Service provided by IBS and is divided into member and non-member.

2. “Member” means the person who has entered the personal information to sign up for the Site and is allowed to utilize all the Service that the Site provides.

3. “Non-member” means the person limited in his/her use of the Service provided by IBS without creating an account.

4. “ID” means a series of letters and numbers chosen by a Member for identification and service utilization.

5. “Password” means a series of letters, numbers and symbols chosen by a Member to protect privacy.

Article 3. Creating an Account

① In order to become a Member, he/she has to enter the personal information and follow the registration steps.

② IBS registers the person who has signed up as a Member following the Paragraph ① unless he/she falls any of the following subparagraphs:

  • 1. Create an account with false information
  • 2. Violate the matters provided and sign up for IRIS

③ When the registration information has been changed, a Member should change it immediately

Article 4. Application of Terms and Conditions and Relevant Regulations

① These Terms and Conditions take effect once posted on the Site or in an announcement to Members.

② When IBS modifies the Terms and Conditions, it will be notified on the first page of the Site with the effective date, reasons for the modification and the current Terms and Conditions. It should be notified from seven days to date before the effective date. If the modification is unfavorable for Members, IBS should notify more than 30 days beforehand. In this case, IRIS should distinctively compare and post the current and the modified Terms and Conditions to help Users clearly understand the changes.

③ These Terms and Conditions apply with the Service guidance provided by the Site.

④ The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions follow the relevant statutes.

Article 5. Provision and Modification of Service

① Users will be provided with the following Service:

  • 1. Research equipment search and inquiry;
  • 2. Request for research equipment utilization and confirmation;
  • 3. Customer support (Q&A);
  • 4. SMS notification service such as a request procedure; and
  • 5. Other Service provided to Users.

② The Service in Paragraph ① can be provided with limitations to Non-members and Members can utilize the Service after login.

③ IBS should inform Users of the changes of the Service and the effective date in accordance with Paragraph ② of Article 7. IBS may revise and provide the changed Service prescribed in Paragraph ①.

④ When the registration information has been changed, the User should change it immediately.

Article 6. Discontinue of Service

① IBS may temporarily discontinue the Service due to maintenance, replacement and breakdowns of communications equipment. If IBS has considered appropriate, IBS may replace the current Service with the new Service or completely discontinue the current Service.

② When IBS discontinues the Service, IBS should notify Users following Paragraph ① of Article 7. However, if the Service was discontinued due to unavoidable reasons, such as disk errors without deliberation or system shutdown, will be excluded.

Article 7. Notification

① When IBS notifies the specified User, IBS may notify him/her through the collected mobile number or email.

② When IBS notifies unspecified Users, IBS may notify them on a bulletin board of the Site instead of individual notice.

Article 8. Account Suspension and Termination

① Member may request for IBS to delete the account at any time and IBS immediately takes related proceedings for the request.

② IBS may limit, suspend or terminate the account when the User falls any of the following:

  • 1. Create an account with the false information;
  • 2. Interfere with other User’s Service or steal an identity that causes harm to electronic transactions; or
  • 3. Violate the laws, the Terms and Conditions or public order and morality through the Service.

③ When IBS decides to terminate the account, IBS will destroy the personal information of the User. In this case, IBS notifies the User before the termination.

Article 9. Privacy Policy

IBS endeavors to protect the personal information including registration information of Users as prescribed in relevant statutes and the IBS Privacy Policy.

Article 10. Responsibilities of IBS

① IBS should not violate the relevant statutes and Terms and Conditions or go against the public order and morality. IBS endeavors to provide a consistent and stable Service to Users.

② IBS establishes a security system to protect personal information and to make Users utilize the Service safely.

Article 11. ID and Password

① Except for IBS taking responsibility for ID and password in accordance with relevant statutes and privacy policy, Member takes responsibility for managing his/her ID and password.

② Member should not allow any third party to use his/her account.

③ When Member recognizes his/her ID and password have been stolen or used by third parties, he/she should report to IBS immediately and follow the instructions.

Article 12. Responsibilities of User

① User should not do any of the following subparagraphs:

  • 1. Create or edit an account with false information;
  • 2. Change the information posted on IBS;
  • 3. Infringe the personality rights or intellectual property rights of IBS and third parties or interfere with IBS;
  • 4. Steal other User’s account; or
  • 5. Breach the Terms and Conditions or other regulations provided to use the Service.

② When User violates the Paragraph ①, IBS may limit, suspend or terminate the User’s account in appropriate ways.

Article 13. Responsibilities and Policies for Posting

① User owns copyrights of contents that he/she posted on a bulletin board of the Site. Any information or opinions posted are irrelevant to IBS’s position.

② User takes the responsibility for problems caused by his/her posting. IBS has no responsibility for the content that the User posted or submitted through the Service. In the case of problematic posting, IBS may delete the posting notifying beforehand.

③ If a User’s posting contains illegal contents, it can be deleted without any notice. When the posting violates a third party’s or a program’s copyright, IBS will not be liable to any civil or criminal liability.

Article 14. Deleting or Limiting Posting

In accordance with the Information Communication Ethics Committee, the User should not post any of the following contents:

  • ① Violate the law, disturb the public order and morals, harm the national identity and do anti-national acts
    • 1. Infringe other individuals’ or institutions’ rights and harm their reputation;
    • 2. Spread false information that may cause social confusions
    • 3. Infringe the privacy rights of the third party;
    • 4. Neglect human, incite violence or praise crimes and delinquent behaviors;
    • 5. Describe crime in detail and induce others to commit a copycat crime;
    • 6. Post contents and information that arouse aversion;
    • 7. Post contents that excessively stimulate sexual desires or immoral contents that arouse aversion;
    • 8. Describe sexual acts against humanity in detail or only for arousing interests, such as immoral relationships or incest;
    • 9. Describe or glorify sex crimes, such as sexual abuse, rape or gang rape;
    • 10. Commercialize sex or excessively expose and mention the specific part of the body;
    • 11. Insult someone by swear words or verbal violence, give an unpleasant feeling or incite disgust;
    • 12. Cause conflicts between different religions; and
    • 13. Promote superstitions or unscientific behaviors.
  • ② Post inappropriate contents or spam, such as cursing or chain letters
    • 1. Contain personal information and cause damage to others;
    • 2. Invade someone’s privacy or harm someone’s reputation with groundless rumors;
    • 3. Post unrelated contents or the same message on a bulletin board;
    • 4. Contain useless and meaningless contents;
    • 5. Unable to read the content due to a software bug;
    • 6. Provoke confusion among Users on the unrelated category by giving rise to conflicts;
    • 7. Post contents that were deleted by the IRIS manager;
    • 8. Search for or mediate sex objects, such as prostitution, cyber-sex or explicit sexual conversations;
    • 9. Distribute obscene information or promote adult entertainment;
    • 10. Degrade the specific person emotionally and induce conflicts among Users;
    • 11. Exaggerate products, such as medical instruments, medicine or food supplements, and promote misuse or abuse of them;
    • 12. Post unreliable citation, so-called copied post, or information that User cannot take responsibility for; or
    • 13. Upload files with a virus that infects the computer or causes malfunction of the information and communication equipment.
  • ③ Upload, use and share commercial programs that violate the copyright law
    • 1. Contain uncertified software and distribute works that violate copyrights or
    • 2. Violate other’s rights without permission, such as copyrights, trademark and design rights.
  • ④ Promote websites for online sales, purchase or commercial activities:
    • 1. Promote the specific website and products directly or indirectly;
    • 2. Copy and sell the illegal games, software, music albums, including backup CDs, and videos;
    • 3. Promote pornography or violent materials to sell; or
    • 4. Post videos and works against public morals and raise speculation.
  • ⑤ Steal other User’s account and utilize the account illegally:
    • 1. Disturb the management and Service of IBS and cause damage to a business or
    • 2. Cause harm or damage to other Users.

Postings that violate the above statement may be deleted without prior notice. Postings may be deleted if the User violates the Terms and Conditions repetitively and cause huge damage.

Article 15. Ownership and Restrictions of Use

① All properties in connection with the Site, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, technology information, text, graphics, music and sound, video, downloads, links, and source codes (hereinafter referred to as “Site Service”), is owned by IBS. Notwithstanding that all types of information on the Site are provided for the User’s convenience, IBS restricts the commercial use of the information. User may use the Site Service for personal use only and no other use is permitted.

② User is not allowed to copy, transmit, publish, distribute or broadcast the information from the Site for commercial purposes or redistribution to third parties without prior permission of IBS.

Article 16. Liability

The Site is under no liability to damage or loss of Members in accordance with the Service provided, except for intentional accidents or negligence of the Site.

Article 17. Modification

① IBS may modify the Terms and Conditions as long as not violating the Act on the Regulations of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, the Digital Signature Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and the Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

② When IBS modifies the Terms and Conditions, IBS should notice the effective date and reasons for the modification by posting the notice on the Site with the current Terms and Conditions. It should be notified from seven days to date before the effective date.

③ User has the right to refuse the modification and he/she may file a protest against the modification within 15 days from the date when the modification was made. If the User does not express any intention of refuse within 15 days, it will be regarded as a sign of consent.

Article 18. Governing Law

Any disputes between IBS and Users hereunder should be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. Any litigation concerning these shall be brought in the district courts located in the Republic of Korea under the Civil Procedure Act.


① Effective Date This Terms and Conditions takes effect on 1 January 2014.