Article 1 Purpose

1. The purpose of this Agreement is to lay down the duties, rights and responsibilities of the users and researchers in accordance with utilizing internet-based service (hereinafter “service”) provided on the TREE consolidated research equipment management website ( (hereinafter “Site”) that Basic Science Research Institute (hereinafter “Research Institute”) manages.

2. The duties, rights and responsibilities of the “users” and “Research Institute” other than the ones in this Agreement shall comply with telecommunications business act, and other relevant national law and commercial practices.

Article 2 Definitions

1. “Users” means those who access the “Site” and receive the service provided by “Research Institute” and is divided into “members” and “nonmembers”.

2. “Members” means those who have provided their personal information and signed up following the registration process given in the “Site” and are allowed to utilize all service by the authority the “Site” offers.

3. “Nonmembers” is those who restrictively utilize the service the “Company” provides without registration.

4. “Member ID” means a series of letters and numbers chosen by a member for the sake of identification and service utilization.

5. “Password” means a series of letters, numbers and symbols chosen by a member to protect privacy.

Article 3 Membership

1. In order to become a “member”, one shall apply for admission by filling in the application form “Research Institute” lays down with his/her personal information and clicking “Complete” button.

2. “Research institute” shall enroll those who have applied for admission within the meaning of Paragraph 1 in the list of members unless they:

  • ① make a false entry in the application form; or
  • ② do not comply with the rules laid down.

3. When the member information has been changed, “members” should correct it immediately.

Article 4 Entry into Force and Other Regulations

1. This Agreement shall enter into force following its publication on the site or making an announcement to the members by other means.

2. When the amendment of this Agreement is conducted, the application date and the reasons for the amendment together with the existing agreement shall be noticed on the first page of the site from 7 days before the amendment to the day before the amendment. However, in the case that the amendment is unfavorable to the members the notice should be done more than 30 days beforehand. In this case the distinction between the existing agreement and the amended agreement should be made clear to the users.

3. This Agreement shall apply with the guide to the service provided on the site.

4. The matters not specified in this Agreement shall be subject to relevant statue.

Article 5 Service Offer and Redirection

1. “Users” receive the service as:

  • ① Research equipment search and inquiry,
  • ② Request of research equipment utilization and confirmation thereof,
  • ③ Customer support (Q&A) service,
  • ④ SMS notification services such as request procedure notification,
  • ⑤ Other service provided to “users”.

2. The service in Paragraph 1 can be provided restrictively to “nonmembers” and the restrictive “service” can be utilized by “members” after log-in.

3. “Research institute” shall inform “users” of the changes in the service and the application date in accordance with the criteria set out in Paragraph 2 of Article 7, and revise the service set out in Paragraph 2 and provide.

4. When the member information has been changed, “members” should correct it immediately.

Article 6 Service Interruption

1. "Research institute" can temporarily interrupt the service in cases of maintenance, replacement and breakdowns of communication facilities or communication interruption, and completely interrupt the service in case of service replacement or as the “Research Institute” considers appropriate.

2. When “Research Institute” interrupts the service they should inform users of the service interruption in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 7. However, they do not in cases of the service interruption “Research Institute” cannot control such as system manager’s scienter, disk errors without fault, system down.

Article 7 Notice

1. When notice is made to specified members, "Research Institute" can inform them through their phones or e-mails.

2. When notice is made to unspecified members, "Research Institute" can inform them on the board of the “Site” in substitution for individual notice.

Article 8 Cancellation of Membership

1. “Members” can request the cancellation of their membership (withdrawal) and “Research Institute" shall take related proceedings on receipt of the request.

2. "Research Institute" can restrict, suspend, or expel membership when “members”:

  • ① have made a false entry in the application form; or
  • ② threaten E-commerce order as disturbing others’ utilization of service or stealing their identity; or
  • ③ violate the law, this Agreement, or the public policy using “service”.

3. When suspension of a member has been determined by "Research Institute" the personal information thereof shall be deleted. In this case the suspension of the membership shall be informed to the “member” beforehand.

Article 9 Privacy Policy

1. "Research Institute" endeavors to protect the personal information of “members” including user registration information in accordance with relevant statue. Protection of “users’” personal information is subject to relevant statue and the “Privacy Policy” that “Research Institute” lays down.

Article 10 Obligations of Company

1. “Research Institute” shall not violate the law, this Agreement, or the public policy and endeavor to offer service continuously and stably.

2. "Research Institute" shall construct a security system for protection of personal information for “users” to utilize the internet service safely.

Article 11 Users’ Responsibility for ID and Password

1. The management responsibility for ID and password is laid on each member excluding the case that "Research Institute" is responsible in accordance with relevant statue and “Privacy Policy”.

2. “Members” should not allow third parties to use their IDs and passwords.

3. When “Members” recognize that their IDs or passwords have been stolen or used by third parties, they should inform "Research Institute" immediately and follow "Research Institute’s" instruction.

Article 12 Users’ Obligations

1. Users should not:

  • ① make a false entry in membership information in the application form or during editing information; or
  • ② change the information put on "Research Institute"; or
  • ③ violate the personality rights or intellectual property rights of "Research Institute" or other third parties or obstruct business; or
  • ④ steal other member’s ID; or
  • ⑤ violate the service agreement provided by "Research Institute" and other rules related to service utilization.

2. When a “user” offends against Paragraph 1,the “user’s” membership shall be restricted, suspended, or expelled.

Article 13 Responsibility and Policy on Posting

1. “Users” own the copyrights for their posts and the information or views in the posts may differ from "Research Institute’s" position.

2. A user shall be to blame for his posts including all the issues derived from them. "Research Institute" shall be under no liability whatsoever to the posts or the contents transmitted through the service, and for the problematic posts they can be deleted after advance notification.

3. In the case that a post includes illegal contents it can be deleted without any notification. Even if “user’s” postings violate any copyright, "Research Institute" is under no civil or criminal liability.

Article 14 Criteria for Post Deletion/Sanctions

In accordance with the rules of ‘Korea Internet Safety Commission’ users should not post:

  • 1. contents that violate the law and public policy, menace the national existence and may commit an offence against the state
    • contents that violate other persons’ or institutions’ rights or harm others’ reputation
    • contents that spread false information that can cause social turmoil
    • contents that invade others’ privacy
    • contents that make light of human life, contain violence, and promote and aggravate crime
    • contents that encourage imitative crime by describing a criminal conduct in details
    • contents and information that condition aversion to the persons watch them,
    • contents that are so indecent or obscene that persons can be revolted by watching them
    • contents that detail sexual acts against humanity as immoral relationships or incest or describe them only for the sake of arousing interest
    • contents that detail or romanticize sexual assaults as sexual violence, rape and gang rape
    • contents that contain commercialization of sex or expose specific body part
    • contents that insult someone’s character by conducting verbal violence and give a person an unpleasant feeling
    • contents that give rise to religious conflicts
    • contents that encourage superstition or unscientific behavior
  • 2. contents that contain spam or junk as curse or chain letters
    • contents that exposure personal information, which causes damages to someone
    • contents that invade privacy or harm someone’s reputation with groundless rumors
    • the same postings on several boards or post contents that are not suitable for the board
    • contents that are too sloppy or useless
    • contents that cannot be read due to a bug
    • contents that give rise to conflicts among users regardless of the category of the board
    • a quotation of a whole posting that has ever been deleted by the manager
    • to search for sexual objects through contents about prostitution, cyber sex, online sexual chatting
    • indecent contents or contents about decadent entertainment establishments
    • to criticize specific users emotionally and give rise to conflicts among users
    • contents that exaggeratively present products as medical instruments, medicine, health supplement food and encourage misuse and abuse
    • the apocryphal quotation (so-called scrap) or apocryphal information that the user cannot regard as reliable
    • files infected with virus which may cause malfunction of communication facilities or destroy information
  • 3. contents that violate copyrights, or upload, post, and share commercial programs
    • contents that contain software that might not be genuine and literary properties
    • contents that violate copyrights, trademark rights, design rights
  • 4. prohibited postings regarding online sales/purchase/profit-making activities or related websites
    • direct and indirect public relations about specific websites or products
    • to copy or purchase the games, software, albums and images that are illegal
    • to promote pornography or violent materials for purchase
    • images and works that harm the fine customs and increase popular speculation
  • 5. contents in which other users’ IDs are stolen and utilized unfairly
    • contents that disturb the management and service of "Research Institute" and affect the company’s profits
    • contents that cause harm and damage to “users”.

For the postings that shall not comply with the rules above, they can be arbitrarily deleted without any notification, and if the rules are repeatedly violated or it causes a heavy damage the posting can be permanently deleted.

Article 15 Copyright Ownership and Restriction of Use

1. The properties of the “Site” include copyrights, trademark rights, technology information, text, graphics, audio, video, downloads, links, and source code (hereinafter website service) and all the rights on the “service” belong to "Research Institute". Notwithstanding that all of Information in the site is for “users” and provided for users’ convenience, commercial use of the information is strictly restricted. “Users” should not utilize the “service” of this “Site” for other uses than personal use.

2. Users are not allowed to utilize the information from the “Site” for profit-making purpose by means of copy, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting or etc. without a previous consent of "Research Institute".

Article 16 Immunity

The site is under no liability whatsoever to damage or loss of members in accordance with the service provided on it unless it is made intentionally or negligently by the site.

Article 17 Amendment

1. "Research Institute" can amend this Agreement without prejudice to relevant rules as Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, and Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

2. When "Research Institute" amends this Agreement, the application date and the reasons for the amendment together with the existing agreement shall be noticed on the first page of the site from 7 days before the amendment to the day before the amendment.

3. “Users” have the right to refuse the amendment. “Users” can express intention to refuse within 15 days after the amendment was informed. If “users” do no express any intention of refuse it is regarded as a sign of concurrence.

Article 18 Trial Jurisdiction

To any dispute between "Research Institute" and “users” the national law shall apply, and a following lawsuit is filled with the district Court in Republic of Korea within the jurisdiction on the Code of Civil Procedure.

[Supplementary Provision]

1. (Enforcement date) This Agreement shall apply from January 1, 2014.